Clean Water

When Charles was signing the papers for our flat, the manager explained that our water was the cleanest in the area.  In fact, the water was chemically treated and so clean that we could drink it.  He did say that he wasn't advertising this, just in case, but that we were very lucky to live here.  

And if you are curious, NO, we do not drink the water, and I even use bottled water to brush my teeth.  I'm just funny like that!  

And the question begs to be asked.....Was I cleaner BEFORE I got into the tub or AFTER I got out?? 


Randall said…
Was the picture taken before or after you took a bath?
Janet said…
I just KNEW that someone was going to ask that! This is the BEFORE picture! :) Also, you can see that our tubs are narrow and long!

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