Simply Royal!

I was invited to THE wedding of the year!  

I was thrilled to get the invitation and really excited to attend!!

Oh it was breathtaking and such a fairy tale come true!! 

The dress was absolutely stunning - classic and beautiful. 

And to be up close to see Prince William tell Kate that she was beautiful.....and then watch as he whispered to Mr Middleton..."This was supposed to be a small family affair!"  :)  

And the kiss on the balcony with the roaring crowds…….twice… amazing!  

OK - not the REAL royal wedding in London, but up-close and personal via BBC TV.  However at THE wedding party held in Lagos, we were just as spellbound and enthralled as we would have been in Westminster Abbey.   

 In fact, it was even better.  We had a running commentary on the dresses
and the decorations and the hats - Oh my!

We had a butler in a tuxedo to welcome us upon arrival. 
   And Prince William and Catherine even showed up!  

We had a royal trivia contest and the winner was named "Queen of the Castle", receiving a crown, a "Queen" snuggie for her special chair and a replica of Kate’s ring donated by our own British “Ambassadors”.    

  We had a demonstration of the royal wave from our very regal hostess! 

We had wonderful food with coronation chicken, mimosas, Pimms, stuffed royal eggs, English cranberry scones, finger sandwiches, mango chutney dip and a real wedding cake. We celebrated in style and enjoyed every single minute.

And what wedding event is complete without African vendors on the patio? 

KT, this piece is on the way to you soon via a “royal” friend who is headed your way.  J 

 I think I am ready for a honeymoon! 


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