Beach Day!

We were invited to spend the Monday holiday after Easter at the beach, and we quickly accepted.   The only way to reach this particular beach spot is by boat - so we set off on our 45 minute journey.  To me, the boat ride is worth the trip, since I love just being out on the water!  

The beach is so peaceful and relaxing.   We were there about an hour, before the vendors arrived and set up their wares all around us. 

When the shopping site is just a few steps away, it's pretty tempting.... 

So, after some bargaining, I bought a tablecloth similar to this one.  My colors are the same, but instead of elephants, mine has flowers and a woman using a yam pounder in the center.  :)

I also liked this apron, but didn't buy it - this time!   I need to pace myself! :)
A local guy started the grill for us and then cooked our shrimp and sausage that we brought along with grilled bread.  It was a perfect beach lunch!  

We enjoyed a long walk on the beach and thought we'd check this vacay spot out.  You never know when we'll be in the market for a beach hut! 

Just in case it's hard to tell, there is only a partial fence and the 'hut' is missing! :)  But, it has potential!  What do you think?

These are lots of other beach huts along the way....

 I liked this one from the owners of Bottles Restaurant. 

 And this one has a small pool. 

 This is Exxon-Mobile's beach hut - which I like the best. 
Most of the huts are not up close to the water.  This may be why!  As you get to the water line, the trash is amazing and small fishing boats line the area. 
After looking at the incredible undertow, I wouldn't want to be out in these. 

As we got ready to leave, people showed up out of nowhere to carry our bags.  This lady just took the cooler and put it right on top of her head!  She is a strong lady, since it was heavy! 
The children wanted to help carry things too.  See the little girl (about age 3) carrying the white plastic bag?   

As we were ready to get on the boat, the children stood around with us.  The girl in the blue skirt (about 8 years old) is carrying a baby on her back.  It's just a different world in these little villages.

And on the way home, we passed a Safmarine ship.  I just KNOW that this is our Maersk container being delivered to the port!


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