Consulate and Coffee

Today I attended a coffee at the U.S. Consulate's home, hosted by the Consulate General's wife and the American Women's Club of Lagos.   It was a nice group of women and the  'official' house was impressive with heavy security, expansive gardens and beautiful interiors.  The attendees included employees of the embassy/foreign service along with other expat wives, and it was great to meet lots of new and interesting women.  One of the most remarkable parts of the home was the artwork. 
When I commented on it, I found that the consulate's wife (Kathleen) was the artist and her paintings and prints have been acquired by American and foreign embassies, centers of arts/culture and private collectors around the world. 
Kathleen explained that most of her work was inspired by her travels around Africa, but the faces ended up looking like people she knew - her driver, gardener, steward and sometimes her children.  She uses a collagraph printmaking technique along with watercolors, which allows her to capture the unique colors of Africa.     
And while I was there, I was somehow added to the newest committee for the American Women's Club - Protocol.  This committee (of 2 people) will represent the club working alongside the protocol advisers for local/national dignitaries for an upcoming event in May and July.  This might prove to be very interesting!!  I have visions of the movie by the same name starring Goldie Hawn....I'll keep you posted.  :)


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