Happy Easter! 
He is risen!

Today I am thankful....
*For new friends
*For a wonderful Easter Brunch
*For a welcoming new church
 *For a Texas Mom who included our boys in their Easter lunch
*For a new mirror, so I don't have to use the elevator for a full length view.
*For a Texas neighbor who notices when our sprinkler system is
'gushing' and for taking the time and effort to reach us in Africa 
*For invitations to the beach
*For God's gift of his son and his victory over the cross
*For my lizard-in-the-house capturing husband
  *For a computer that works
*For emails, facebook, phones and Skype which keep me connected
*For a new dresser in our bedroom with added storage. :) 
For a good driver who dodges okadas, vendors and obstacles to get us to our locations.  
*For tonight's dinner prepared in the frig - ready to be warmed
*For air-conditioners that work, even when the thermostats don't. 
*For Easter greetings
*For family - even when they are far away
 *For memories of past Easter holidays, which I hold close to my heart.

May your Easter blessings be many!
He is risen indeed!  


Randall said…
You are BLESSED.

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