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On the Road Again...

Two and a half years in Douala, Cameroon, four and a half years in Lagos, Nigeria, two years in Mexico City, Mexico (one year at a time, two separate moves), three years in San Juan, Puerto Rico, many months of refugee status in Aberdeen, Scotland (and the Canary Islands), two years rotation for Charles in Copenhagen, Denmark - totaling twelve/fourteen+ years living outside of our home country as expats – and exploring the world.The adventure, the expeditions, the travel, the excitement of living in a new land, the cultures, the world-wide friendships, the exotic foods and the experiences have been amazing.

Our current life in a third world country makes us appreciate things we used to take for granted (electricity, water, generators, paved roads, air conditioning, consistent internet), and we are especially grateful for our friends, since we need each other to survive.This lifestyle has taught us flexibility and adaptability and patience along with satisfaction in little things.Our …

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