Oh My Thermostat!

I have developed a love/hate relationship with this.....
It looks like a thermostat, which in my past experience allows you to adjust the temperature up and down to find a comfortable level for your home.  However, we were told that it works best if you leave it on 10 degrees and just turn it on and off as needed.   Can you see that the thermostat is ON and on COOL and the fan is on HIGH and it is set for 10 degrees Celsius?   Side note * For those of us who prefer Fahrenheit, the formula for conversion is  c*(9/5)+32=f  OR  1) Multiply the Celsius temperature times 9. Example: 56 x 9 = 504  2) Divide the product by 5. Example: 504/5 = 100.8  3) Add 32 to the quotient. Example: 100.8 + 32 = 132.8   OR  (C + 40) * (9/5) - 40 = F    And there you have it.  Whatever...  I found the best way to convert is to print out a chart from the Internet and avoid the equations totally. 

Anyway, 10 degrees Celsius is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  So we set the thermostat to 10C (50F) and hope for the best.   On Tuesday, we woke up to a cool 67 degrees.  On Wednesday, (without touching the aforementioned thermostat) it was 80 degrees.  So about every other day, I write up a work order, walk to the maintenance office and turn it in.  Then about every other day, the a/c guys come up and work on it and tell us it is fixed.  FOURTEEN times so far.  Yes, fourteen!  To add to this, we discovered (after work order #3), that the a/c made a noise - like drums beating loudly right next to a microphone for about 10 seconds.  On average, the drums sound about 3 times each night waking us up.  The first time it happened, we thought someone was breaking in.  Needless to say, this has also been added to the work order.  One thing that we found out quickly is that they respond well to the initial work orders, but they never come back a second time to finish fixing anything - unless there is another work order. 

So FINALLY, they have been able to find the cause of the noise and 'fixed' it (on the 10th visit) only to create a brand new rattling noise.  Don't worry, that will be fixed soon - Yes, a work order is in process!  :)  

Lately, it has all settled down to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  This morning, I had another typical conversation with the maintenance men.  It went something like this:

Me: The thermostat is on 10 - and it's too cold since I am wearing a jacket around the house, but when I turn it to 15, it gets too hot. 
MM (Maintenance Man): Yes, madam.  Keep it on 10. 
Me: But 10 is too cold. 
MM: Yes, Madam, but it works best on 10. 
Me: But I don't like it this cold. 
MM: (Shows me the thermostat) Just turn it up till it clicks (at 12).  That turns it off. 
Me:  I don't want it off - then it is too hot. 
MM: It works best at 10 madam. 
Me: I understand, but this is a thermostat and it allows me to adjust the temperature, right? 
MM: No madam, all the flats just leave it on 10.  
Me:  Yes, but 10 is too cold.  
MM: OK, I'll adjust it to be hot at 10.  
Me: No - To me, 10 should be very cold, 15 should be less cold, 20 should be perfect, 25 should be warmer and 30 should be hot, right?  
MM: No, madam, just leave it on 10.   If you want it warmer, just turn the dial up till it clicks at 12.  
Me:  Doesn't the click just turn it off? 
MM: Yes, madam - now you understand!!      
Me: So, what's the point of the THERMOSTAT to help regulate the temperature?  Is it the same as the ON/OFF switch? 
MM:  No madam, they are different.  When it is off, you can't keep it on 10.


Could someone please send me my fleece jacket? 


emily said…
I love Africa SO much. This makes me feel like I'm there. Can totally relate to this conversation. Hope it gets worked out for you!!

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