Yam Pounders

This is a yam....

This is a yam pounder.

This is a yam pounder salesman with a real wooden leg.  Trust me....I couldn't take a picture of his leg, but it was impressive.   

This is my armed security escort looking over the yam pounder and protecting me from overcharging yam pounder salesmen.  He needed the bullet proof vest, the helmet with strap and the large gun that you can't see in this picture.  Don't worry, you will see him again.  He is excellent at bargaining!

This is me buying a yam pounder from the yam pounder salesman by the side of the road...in Nigeria...after walking down the highway...in a place with no traffic rules.  

This is the COW FAT that I found out that was coating the yam pounder to prevent it from drying out in the sun and making it uh...glossy.  Yuck - and double yuck!!  I thought it was wax and rubbed it, then picked it up.  And it was ALL. OVER. MY. HANDS!!!  Agh!!    
This is the yam pounder - after being throughly washed to get off the cow fat before resting at home in its new non-smelly, non-usable and very decorative state.    
Don't you want one? 
Charles' first question when he arrived home and saw the new yam pounder...
"Will this show up at our house in Texas?" 
You betcha!  


Randall said…
I like your security escort. Can you bring him back home with you and drop off here so I can send him as a escort with the girls on dates. He looks warm dressed in black with all the gear on.
Debbi said…
Janet - I am just now getting to read your blog...your mom told me about it. Good reading and as always what a great author you are. A second request...after Randall is done with your escorts can I please have them for my daughters and maybe some additional tips on how it all worked out. LOL!

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