Water Views

Today, we went to the Ishahayi Beach School, which is located in a remote area about 45 minutes away from Lagos by boat.  I'll write a blog about our visit to the school soon.  
It was a beautiful day and a real treat to be out on the water!
Here's the boat dock where we left.  You can see our Silver SUV in the background

We passed so many interesting sights along the way.  Lagos is very pretty via the water!  Pictured above is the Civic Center, which is especially beautiful at night.
This is a view of a commercial part of Lagos.  Notice the buildings in the background, but the shanties right on the water. 

Another view of Lagos with all the cellular towers. 
More views of the city are above.  Since SOME people have told me that I am not including enough pictures to satisfy them, I am trying to do better today. :) 
See,  I do read the email feedback that I receive, so feel free to send
additional comments or requests. 
These are some of the homes and apartments on Ikoyi, not far from where we live. 
 Some of them are really spectacular!
  Here's a picture of where I HOPE that our container will be soon.....
Currently it is in Tangiers, Morocco after a few days layover in Spain.
This is a picture of the Port of Apapa - just for my brother, David. :)  He worked at this port for about four months and seemed to have a bit of "Pirate" trouble during his stay.  It's probably not the best time for me to be thinking about his experiences since I was on a tiny boat, motoring through the ship channel, in a "lawless" area.   But what fun we had! :)   Oh - by the way, the Apapa terminal was owned and operated by the Federal Government of Nigeria until March 2005 (per wikipedia) when it was sold to A.P. Moller -Maersk Group for about US $1 billion. 
Honestly, this morning I felt perfectly safe out on the water.  However, now as I am writing about our day and reviewing the pictures, it MAY not have been a good idea to check the spelling of Apapa.....then decide to google "Apapa Pirates" right afterwards.....no, not a good idea at all.  Let's just say there are MANY pages of incidents...and I could have gone a long time without that knowledge.   
Then, I noticed this picture.  Do you think that pirates wear life preservers? Geez....
All I can say, is I am glad that I wasn't thinking about them this morning!   :)
I liked this picture of HALF a ship.  Oops! 

And this just doesn't look right! :)
The pictures get more interesting as we move further out of the city.  
I'll blog on those tomorrow! 


David said…
Thanks for the port pic....I felt my stomach turn a bit when I saw it! LOL
If you need some good pirate pics so you can ID them I can send you plenty.
Randall said…
I hope you had your body guard with you?

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