AWC Spring Fling

The American Women’s Club had their “Spring Fling” on Saturday and we were invited to attend. There were all types of vendors – both local artisans and members selling crafts. I bought a book entitled, “Nigerian Gems” which is a collection of short stories written by expatriates about their adventures in Nigeria.  I especially liked the way it was wrapped!(picture above).  The proceeds for the book go to the Ishahayi Beach School Foundation, which supports children's education in a very poor area of Lagos state.  I hope to discover more about this project soon.    There was also a food booth featuring the “American Meal Deal”, which included a Hebrew National hotdog, Pringles Chips and a cupcake or brownie, brought in especially for the occasion! We met a few new people and it was nice just to relax with other expatriate families, who were so encouraging. 

Afterwards, we drove to the Palms Mall. Oh my, what an experience!! The road leading to it was jam packed and took us a while to get a very short distance.  We visited Game and Shoprite, which are both grocery/all-purpose stores. They both sell everything you can imagine, except the few items on our list!  The money exchange is really making me think, especially when I see the price of "Frosty's" cereal for N1059.50 ($7.25 US) and 3 rolls of Bounty paper towels for N1459 ($10 US).  Between the traffic, the parking, the crowds and the inconvenience of shopping in these stores, I don't think I'll be going often!
These are "regular" Bounty Towels, not the heavy ones you usually see in the US grocery stores.

On Saturday night, we went out for an Italian dinner with clients.  It was odd to see restaurants behind solid metal gates with guards, but the food was excellent.  Going out to eat here is also very, very expensive! 

On Sunday, we were able to figure out our gas oven.  Can you see the fire burning at the bottom?  I'll try to post some pictures of the rest of the apartment soon.


Randall said…
Glad everything is working out. Sounds like a new adventure everyday for awhile. Keep posting, we enjoy hearing the news.
Sam said…
Oven looks like a good place to roast marshmallows during the powers outages. I bet we don't have the "Makin's for S'mores" !
David said…
Sounds like your adventure has started! If you keep on going past that mall about 10 minutes more across from the Chevron Subdivision there is the Lekki Nature Reserve on the right (km 19 marker). It has a 1.8 km raised walkway through the bush and a nature center. Lots of Mona monkeys and big Galapagos Turtles.

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