Eku Ojobi!

Eku Ojobi Charles!
Happy Birthday Charley! 

Charles started off the day with a special breakfast, complete with GRAPE JELLY!  Grape jelly is a valuable commodity here, but it happened to show up at the grocery store this week (Only one jar and it wasn't even expired).  Since it is rarely found here, I saved it for his birthday breakfast.  We also met friends for lunch at the Cactus restaurant, and spent a few hours just relaxing and visiting.   Tonight, we had another treat - chocolate birthday cake with chocolate icing - all brought in my suitcase from the states (Cake mix and a can of favorite frosting).   We learn to appreciate the little things when we are far away from home!  Oh, he got a Kindle for his gift - We sure do hope it works in Nigeria! 

**Eku Ojobi - is Happy Birthday in Yoruba


Sam said…
Happy Belated Birthday Charley, I'm sure it will be over by the time you get this, but maybe there will be a piece of that great looking cake still available.

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