American Women's Club - and Birthdays

Greetings from Bottles - our local MEXICAN restaurant in Lagos!!  :)  It was Diana's birthday (my friend from Houston) so we joined with new friends to celebrate.  Diana picked the lunch spot and she was craving Mexican, so off we went.   We were the only ones in the restaurant, so we had excellent service!  It was decent Mexican food, especially when you consider that it's a LONG way from the border.  The sun was shining brightly (as you can tell in the poor quality picture), and it's 92 degrees in Lagos right now.  However, due to the a/c, we always take jackets and sweaters.  You can see the mini-split air conditioner on the back wall, which is common in the area.  The bottom portion goes on the wall and the compressor is on the roof.    

Before lunch, we all attended the American Women's Club (AWC) held at the Guest Quarters of the US Consulate.  Members of the US Foreign Service talked with us about what to expect in the upcoming elections as well as what to do in case of medical emergencies.  They also discussed preparing bags in our homes readied for evacuations as well as the importance of registering with the American Embassy.  It was interesting and we learned a lot about living as an expat in this type environment.  It was nice to know that their jobs are to help protect us and to aid in our security.  It was a fun meeting and a great group of active ladies!!  I am getting involved, which is helpful in a new land.  Between quilting class on Monday, AWC and lunch on Tuesday, a day trip planned for Wed, Coffee, then Bible Study on Thursday and a "Girls Club" on Friday, I think I'm going to be just fine!  I've also arranged to go to a local school next week, where AWC has done a lot of charity work.  Little by little, bit by bit, we are settling into our new home. 


Mona said…
It was nice to read your update and to hear that you are getting settled in : )
Randall said…
Nice to have a good support group along with the American Embassy. You don't have that everywhere.
Always enjoy the blog updates great pics.
The more the better.

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