Sunday Gathering

In the picture above, Janet is on the right hand side in the blue shirt and Charles is in the red shirt - just in case you need help identifying us.  Today (Sunday), a Bible Study Fellowship interest meeting was held and 75 people came - including many additional children!  It was probably the most interesting Bible Study Class that I have EVER attended!!  It was set to introduce BSF to those in the area with an interest in studying God's word and an entire group came together on a bus.  I met a lady named Happiness, another named Peace and a third named Blessings - which are all common names here.  Everyone was very nice, but I do think that we were also a bit of a novelty.  God has a plan in this place and it will be such a privilege to watch! 
"Praise the Lord all nations - Extol him all peoples!" Ps 117:1


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