We are ON the way....

As we began our journey northward, we decided to let the GPS be our guide. We ended up on 2 dirt roads between Houston and Lufkin, so we were definitely on the scenic route. We did see a very large deer with a good sized rack, which ran right in front of our car. Another few miles faster, we would have had venison for lunch (or no car). Thankfully, God was protecting us and we are grateful!

First stop – Memphis, Tennessee – home of the Blues, Elvis, pork BBQ (Corky’s and the Rendezvous) and our families. Memphis is my birthplace and still feels like home to me. We grew up here and graduated from Memphis State University, which was renamed The Univ. of Memphis. We are both Tiger fans (Go Blue!) mainly during basketball season. My parents and brother, Randall and family, live in Collierville; Charles’ mom and brother, David, live in Braden, both suburbs of Memphis. Dan (Charles’ youngest brother) and family live in the heart of Memphis in midtown where they enjoy close proximity to everything in the river city. (Did I tell you that my youngest brother, David and family are in process of moving to Spain? That trip will definitely be on our agenda in the near future!) Our plan is to stop at Briar Hall (The “Hall Farm”) for dinner and a good night’s rest. It’s always good to see family – even on a super short visit on the way to New England.

A big shout out to our nieces and nephew in Memphis as we pass by – Brandon, Alexis, Amanda, Casey and Collin – We’ll be back thru in November (and again at Christmas), so we hope to see you then.


Randall said…
Glad I'm reading your Blog. I just saw where you came through Memphis!

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