Getting ready.....

We are getting ready to leave on Wed for our New England road trip! We realized recently that we have visited more countries than states, so we have decided to set out and finish discovering our own country - and hope to be in Washington, DC on Nov 4th, election day. We voted this morning in preparation for our journey and we are busy making trail mix and gathering book tapes to use on the way. We are looking forward to seeing the fall folliage in the northeast and having time to explore our great country.

In the meantime - Happy 19th Birthday Josh!! We are thrilled to spend your birthday together! We love you!


Bookmark said…
Happy Birthday JOSH!
TRY ONE said…
Good thing you guys have voted!
Otherwise, we would not let you leave.
Remember, you are heading up to the land of Ted Kennedy, Barny Frank, Chris Dodd, etc.

Have a great start!

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