Let it SNOW!!!

I LOVE snow!! I feel just like a little girl when it snows and want to jump up and dance around in the flurries!! I couldn't resist to run outside and make a snowball!! So far, we have about an inch and it's still coming down!! I'm thrilled to be in Vermont!!
Today, we drove across New Hampshire. The trees were in full color and the beauty of it all continues to amaze me. We visited the state capital building in Concord and we were allowed to roam at will through out the building (no security here!). It was fun to see the Governor's office and reception area as well as where the senate and the house meet for their legislative sessions. After exploring Concord, we headed to Manchester, NH airport to pick up my parents and my Aunt Linda, who will be visiting us for a few days. We are happy that they could join us on our adventure!! We still have a spare bedroom or two, so if you have the time, come on.....

Snow began to fall right before we arrived back at the Vermont house tonight, and it's been so pretty to watch it out the window. I've never lived anywhere with snow, so even a little bit is exciting. Of course, it's a lot more fun when you have a roaring fire, family around you, plenty of food and no real schedule to keep.

I wonder if the slopes will open - SKI time!! :)


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