Take Me Out to the Ballgame....

"Every baseball fan dreams of visiting Cooperstown. Some make the trip as children, while the dream is still fresh. Some go later in life to embrace the past. And still others talk of the pilgrimage that lies ahead."
Today, we drove to Cooperstown, NY to see the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooperstown is a short three hour drive each way, but well worth the visit, especially since we have a baseball player in the family. It was interesting to discover more about the origins of baseball and see some of the players featured in the great Hall of Fame. While variations of the game have been played for hundreds of years, Cooperstown has been credited with the beginning of baseball right after the civil war. Baseball embodies the American spirit and is much more than a game; it is a way of life.
One of the amazing things we discovered is the HOUSTON HEAT HAT featured in the "current" section of the Hall of Fame. The Houston Heat (Josh's team) won a national championship and is noted as being the 3rd top organization in the US for travel/competitive teams.

Cooperstown, NY is centered around baseball with stores, restaurants and museums, all with with baseball names. We had lunch at Triple Play, shopped at the Dugout and parked in front of the Home Plate. The town of Cooperstown is also beautiful and we enjoyed our time in the small quaint town.

The drive back was spectacular with the fall colors around us. We ventured into the Adirondacks and explored some of the tiny towns in New York and Vermont. It was a lazy day of driving and we were happy to see the beauty around us.
P.S. I am still fixated on the Moose crossing signs (See yesterday's post). I just wonder if anyone told the MOOSE where to cross? My brother, Randall, explained that moose were a serious danger in the area, and we want to be prepared - so I just am curious to find out HOW the moose know where to cross and if they stay true to the rules?? Do they go to Moose Crossing school??


Randall said…
I think they put the signs where the Moose cross because of there habitat vs. putting the signs up first where we want them to cross. If several people hit a Moose in a non crossing area then they put up a new sign. Comforting eh.... Beautiful county though.

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