Sotogrande, Spain - Spectacular!!

Today we had a leisurely morning getting started. We toured the area of Sotogrande, which is a beautiful community where David and Loretta's new home is located. Sotogrande is the largest residential development in the Andalusia area of southern Spain. Sotogrande is known for its luxurious living, incredible views and sporting activities. It has five of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Europe, two world famous Polo fields, tennis and racquet clubs, beach Clubs, a riding school and numerous marinas - tons to do! The international school is just a short distance from their home right in the middle of Sotogrande, which will be very convenient. Sotogrande stretches from the Mediterrean Sea, back into the foothills of the Sierra Almenara Mountains, giving varied views of beautiful scenery. We can even see the Rock of Gilbralter! It seems to be a wonderful community for families as well, so I think they selected a great location to live!! :) Since our expat assignments were in Mexico City and PR and can't begin to compare with this, I don't feel sorry for them one little bit!!
One of our stops was on this marina in Sotogrande for "cafe con leche"on the terrace. Note to my husband if he is reading this blog....If you EVER want to really live on a boat, this is the place to make dreams come true! :) Of course one of the condos in the background with a boat out front would also work! :)

We took the autopista to La Canada (L Con-yada) which is a fabulous shopping area with a home depot type store along with restaurants and a mall. We had a late lunch and did some shopping for their new home. You can buy ANYTHING in the La Canada area, and I was most enamored with the hams hanging in many places. Iberian (Jamón ibérico) is a type of cured ham produced only in Spain. It is from the Black Iberian Pig - the only type of pig in the world that eats acorns. It is cured from 2-4 years and is the pride of Spanish food. If you buy a ham, you buy the entire leg - hoof and all. The hoof stays on to show that it is authenic black pig. I will HAVE to try this delicacy while we are here!! I'll let you know how it tastes! :) We have to experience it ALL!!


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