Bienvenidos a Espana...

We arrived in Spain safe and sound and I have now been awake for almost 33 hours - so I hope the blog makes sense! The girls (and Mojo, the 115 lb dog) did VERY well and overall, we had an easy trip - especially from Houston to Paris. We flew Air France and I was very impressed with the crew and the seating. We sat in the bulkhead and received a basinet that hooked right onto the plane - so neat! After feeding Savannah (age 5 months), she played in the basinet for a few minutes and went right to sleep - for the majority of the flight!! Sylvia (age 23 months) also did well and was able to sleep some too - so prayers were definately answered in that area!!

After a 5 hour layover in Paris, we boarded our flight to Malaga. The girls were getting tired of the traveling, but they are little troupers. My guess is that they will be adaptable children as they get older, which will be a great skill!

Arriving in Malaga, David was waiting with a van and a car, which were both needed in order to transport everyone and the baggage - and we BARELY fit! (See picture of Loretta holding Sylvia above in Malaga airport)

From what we could see driving from the airport to Sotogrande (about an hour), the area is absolutely beautiful. We plan to see more tomorow, when we aren't dizzy from the travel. Their home is also amazing, but more about that later. We are here and our journey has begun.....

Welcome Home David, Loretta, Sylvia, Savanna and Mojo........We hope that you enjoy your new casa en Espana!


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