"Rock" Solid

Today, we visited Tarifa - a small town on the southernmost coast of Spain. It's the location where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet and a picturesque little town. Tarifa is known for its wind and kite surfing as well as beautiful beaches. (David and Sylvia enjoy the sand in the attached picture.) In the central area, there were orange trees everywhere (pictured) and lots of narrow winding streets. We enjoyed lunch in a local restaurant and had an unusual 1st course - potatoes with egg, tuna, mayo and cheese served with bread sticks. It was surprizingly good, but very different.
As we left Tarifa, we saw breathtaking views of the coast and lots of wind turbines. There seemed to be hundreds of them all over the mountains! We also drove through Aljiceras, where the port is located and saw that Maersk has MANY, MANY cranes designated only for their ships. They have 46 ships which call Aljiceras weekly! To give you a comparison - Maersk Houston only has 8 per week! It's the first port coming into the Mediterranean and we hope to see more of it.

We continued our day by going into Gilbraltar - better known as "the Rock" (or Gib) -and it was beautiful!! I've seen pictures of it, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. Gilbraltar is a British territory and it overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar - and everyone speaks English! We enjoyed seeing the fort area and the tiny streets and tunnels that wind all through the place. One of our stops included Morrison's Grocery Store. David and Loretta shop here to get much of their food, due to availability and costs compared to Spain. Gilbraltar is only 15 minutes away from their house! I love to go into grocery stores in other countries, since you can find so many interesting items. I had a lot of time while they were shopping, so Sylvia and I found some English porridge and she posed for a picture! We found real American Hot Dogs in a jar and tuna and bacon pizza, which seems to be very popular here. Oh, and if you would like some tongue for lunch, we know the place to go! :)
We also drove to the southernmost point in Europe (in Gibraltar) right at sunset, which was absolutely stunning!! What a great day seeing the sights of Southern Spain!!


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