Happy Halloween!

While Nigeria doesn't celebrate Halloween, the expats are always looking for an excuse 
to get together and have a  party!  
We were invited to a much anticipated Halloween celebration!

I made caramel and chocolate apples with pretzel, nuts, m&m and sprinkle toppings.  

Food is always plentiful and I love the unique dishes that the expats bring!  
My favorite item was a lemon rice dish with peanuts and jalapenos- YUM!!  
And another very TASTY appetiser was a an apple dip made of canned pumpkin, 
cinnamon, cream cheese and vanilla.  What a great FALL treat!  
I had multiple helpings!  :) 

This dish was the most creative -  Stuffed eyes (eggs)!  
 The food was wonderful and the company was even better!  

Costumes were required, so we went to the party dressed as BLACK EYED PEAS.   :) 
Our driver laughed out loud when he saw us.  
He has Just another story about those 'crazy white people' going around!    
(Just in case you need additional explanation......
We each have a BLACK EYE and have lots of P's on our clothing!)  

The staff in the kitchen dressed up too!!  
They were so proud of their costumes, so we had to have a picture!!    
Even the security guard participated and wore a Bandana and cowboy hat!  

Ozzie and Sharon Osborne were our hosts all the way from London!  

And a pregnant Peggy as a Louisiana 'gal'.  (So funny Peggy!)

Charles, Adrian, Cletus and John 

 I wish I had taken more pictures of the clever costumes.  
A mail order bride attended along with a 'geeky' engineer (Ralph did that one well!).  
The Flintstones, Wilma and Fred arrived along with nomads from Morocco.  
There was a guy dressed as an indonesian dancer, a witch, a golfer, a prison inmate, 
a tourist and a guy returning from a safari!    
One I especially thought was creative was the Buckaneer......
He taped a dollar bill to each ear and had a "buck an ear!".  
When you don't have much to work with, creativity takes over!  

  Happy Halloween Ya'll!!


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