Agaja Beach

Charles' sailing partner invited us to his beach house in Agaja, which was a new area for us.   We boarded his boat and set off on our adventure.  Agaja is about an hour away and only accessible by water.  It is beautiful and peaceful.  It's also an area where skiing is possible, so we threw out the lines and the guys jumped in.  They skied for a while, but enjoyed the inner-tube the best.  

Chad and Toby talked as they tubed.

Toby grew up in Jos, Nigeria, then went to the U.S. for college.  
He is now doing an internship at Citibank in Lagos.  

Charles relaxing on the boat!!  What a fabulous way to spend the weekend!  

The caretaker came out to greet us - and there are always children around.  

The views were spectacular and we felt a million miles away from Lagos.  This is a very narrow strip of beach and you can see Five Cowrie Creek on the left and the Atlantic Ocean on the right.
This is also the cleanest beach we have seen so far. 

Our cooks grilled a fabulous meal of chicken and sausages. 

Chad relaxes and enjoys the day.  

Charles and Chad
  Fabulous breezes and peaceful atmosphere 

We've had such a great beach day; Food, friends, family & fun - all in beautiful surroundings.  

Ahhh!   I convinced myself that I was really in Bali.............
and just enjoyed our wonderful day of vacation even more!  


A clean beach? I don't believe it! Looks like a lovely day. How about Lekki Market next Friday?

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