Goodies is one of our local grocery stores, so we go there often.  Next door and upstairs, they serve food in a little restaurant called Goodies House.  AND THEY SERVE DONUTS!!!  Our boys would love it!  

A few of us met for coffee (and donuts) before a sweet friend moved back to the states.  One of the hard things about living here are the many goodbyes.  It's not easy, even though our time has been short.  Friendships grow quickly in foreign locations, but moving is part of the transient nature here.  We will miss you Donna - at church, at Bible Study, at quilting and shopping in the markets!   
And we had to have a picture of our cute Bolivian friend who joined us later and her THREE cell  phones.  (Note one on the table)  This is typical in Nigeria since our phones go out a lot.  Each phone is registered with a different network, so at least one of them will work.  Silvia has young children and needs to be accessible at all times - therefore, she carries three phones in her purse!  :) 

Every time we go to Goodies, I have to laugh at this sign.  Too bad it was wet from the rain, but you get the idea.  I thought it was interesting that a sign was NEEDED.    It's comforting to know that money laundering isn't going on while I shop!

And since I was in Goodies with a camera, I thought I'd share a few pics.
The butchery staff wears orange shirts and yellow hats.  The cheese selection is wonderful,
but runs about 4-5 times the cost of the US.  I bought a small block for about $20. 
For a long time I couldn't find eggs.  However, I just didn't know to look
on a bottom shelf in a middle aisle - right by the sardines!

I loved the marketing for Fried Chicken Coating.  Anything else just isn't???? 

And the local pig's feet.  If you would prefer, they will cut them right off the pig
for you while you are watching!  We won't be having any of these.

Boxes are often left out on both sides of the aisles, making it hard to get to the shelves.  However, today it looked very neat since many times boxes are left in the middle of the row, providing a good obstacle course for the baskets.  I tried to get down one of those aisles the other day and an employee stopped me.  She asked if there was REALLY anything that I HAD to have from that aisle, since it wasn't easy to get through.  She explained that if I really needed to go down ALL the aisles that I could leave my basket at the end of the row and just get whatever I needed and bring it back.  I am learning, since it never dawned on me to shop that way before!   :)

And this is Goodies in the dark from our many power outages.  We just keep on shopping!

We see the magic corn kiosks in many grocery stores.  You can buy a cup of corn and eat it while you shop.  It is very nutritious!  I am not sure what makes it magic. 

Shopping is always an experience and usually very time-consuming.  Normally we go to 3-4 stores to get a small list completed, so we become familiar with them quickly.  I typically to go Goodies for American type products, to Deli's for meats, to Game/Shop Rite for cleaning items, to Park and Shop for cheese, eggs, breads and then to the vegetable/fruit stand for produce. 

And I just found a French store that sells WONDERFUL pan au chocolat and pain au raisins - Yum! 


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