Da Fruit Stand

This is my favorite place to buy fruits and vegetables.  It's located on Victoria Island right across the bridge from where we live.  It's about a 30 minute drive with no traffic, and more than an hour's drive WITH traffic.  It's basically a tin shack, open to the front, with a roof which leaks heavily when it rains.  I usually dodge the mud puddles on the way in, but it's the nicest one around. 
From the very beginning, the employees have treated me well and charged the same (or close) as they would the Nigerian population.  They pick out the best fruits and veggies and talk with me when it is not crowded.  They are accepting of my differences, so I keep coming back.  I am indeed welcome! 
Today, I was the only person there, so we had fun with some pictures.  Notice the lettuce above?  It is torn into pieces and sold individually instead of in bunches.  The avocados (green) have more of a point on the end and they get soft well before they turn dark.  The skins are much thinner than the ones in Texas.   The yellow fruit above (I can't pronounce or spell the name) is a cross between an apple and a pear - but doesn't really have much taste.  I think it might be a good filler for a fruit salad!  It was suggested that I take a picture of the apples and grapes since they had just finished arranging them.  This sweet lady (who sells and arranges the apple/grape section) was happy to be in the picture.   Grapes are a bit pricey at close to $10 a bunch!   
I also wanted a picture of Faith (in the green shirt below) and Adam, who are the two people that help me the most.  However, Adam didn't want his picture taken today.  He is getting ready to do some traveling and didn't want his photo on film, just in case.  I am not really sure what that means, but I decided that questions were not necessary.  Sometimes there are things that you just don't need to know.   Anyway, this guy volunteered to 'stand in' for Adam, but I am not sure who he is!  
Most of the people here never see themselves on camera, so after each shot, everyone crowds around to see the photo on the digital camera.  They are excited that I promised to bring a copy of this picture back to them soon.
Today, I was amazed at the size and color of the cucumbers!!  Yes, they are ORANGE!  I bought one of these to see the inside of it, but I understand that the flavor is the same as the small green ones.
This is a cassava (and potatoes).  I don't know what to do with a cassava yet, so I didn't buy any!   I am trying a new fruit or vegetable every week, just to discover the flavor!  Many of my new "unfamiliar"  purchases have been....well.....yucky - but I keep trying!   However, overall the fruits and vegetables here are wonderful, especially the pineapples and mangoes! 
Bananas here are plentiful and they even sell them in the middle of the streets.  The varieties are amazing!  The red bananas are unusual and very pretty.  Supposedly they taste just like regular bananas, so I'll try them next time.  Right now, we are banana rich in our house, so I didn't need any.  However, I did buy some nice looking plantains!  

All the vegetables and fruits get sanitized in Milton (bleach tablets) at home before they are ready to eat.  Every week, I go to one grocery store for meat, another for bread and misc, another for all the things that the first two didn't have and then the fruit/vegetable stand. (Last week, I went to SIX grocery stores looking for some specific items.)  Most of the time, I still don't get everything on my list, but I am learning to buy in bulk when I locate something special.  It's just part of the adventure!  But, we are eating well, so I have NO complaints!  :)


Charles said…
Love you momma and looking forward to visiting you. I'm a proud son of such an adventurous and fun mother!

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