La Maison - Part Two

 La Maison du Cameroun is an older (over 40+ years old) traditional home with concrete walls and solid foundation.  The floor is a mixture of different types of tile trimmed with local wood accents.  There are two sets of bars on every door and window, with multiple locks on each interior door as well.  This makes us feel secure in our new home.     

Continuing the tour from the previous blog as we move upstairs through the iron gate...  
The stairs are two -toned pink tile with wood...
with a red accent wall as you make an 180 degree turn up the stairs.  
This is the landing at the top of the stairs.  
We covered up more two-toned pink tile with a rug that we found in a closet.  
There are 5 doors off this main central area.  
The house has three bedrooms.  This is bedroom one.  
The space is mainly used for ironing.  :) 
There are closets on the other side of the first bedroom.  I love the storage space, but none of 
the doors stay closed easily.  They have slide bolts on the inside top and bottom, 
which takes a lot of effort to open and close them.  The shelves are very thin plywood
 that can't hold weight without bowing.   I would like to have sturdier shelves added soon. 
This is the upstairs bath with a plastic shelf and plastic mirror.   
Bedroom two is also small, but will be a nice guest bedroom at some point.  
We love visitors, so feel free to start planning your trip!  
This is the master bedroom.  We need to do some work in here, 
but I think paint will do wonders.    
The bed is about 6 inches above the floor with attached night tables.  
It seems like this is a common style here since I have seen many similar ones in the stores.    
These are the closets for the Master Bedroom.  Currently some of them are held together with 
bungee cords.  We are working on better closing options for these.  
It does give a nice amount of storage with all the closets and we feel very fortunate. 
Welcome to our master bathroom, which is very spacious.   
It is also old and dated, but more functional than it would appear.  
We have TWO showers right next to each other.  Both of them work, but it is a 'different' configuration.  We have recently discovered that the tub/shower came with termites too!  
Pictured above is our sink.   
The white seat and shelf were built in order to cover the bidet.   
We think this was a good use of materials.    
This view shows the hot water tank.  
And I couldn't forget the interesting mirror above the sink. 
Or the commercial toilet tissue dispenser...
A really neat feature of this area is a small dressing room.  
 I think that I will have fun with this space!  
There is a small sofa table that I can use in here as well.  
 The last room is a bonus room with no closets.  
We plan on using it as an office/sewing/craft room.  
 I think this area will be perfect for 
quilting and scrapbooking.  The room is light and bright and
 ideal for our use!    I do need to straighten the rod for the curtains...and 
we might replace them with some fun fabrics once I get my sewing machine set up.  
This is the other side of the same room and the double doors open to the balcony.  
The housekeeper mentioned that they have never opened it, since they can't find the key. 
 The door has multiple HUGE bolt locks on it.   Right now, our desk is a fold-out
 table that we brought, but we hope to have a desk at some point.

The house came with the furniture that you see pictured.  We brought only our personal items.  The house is leased by the company and passed down as new people move into the country.   

I'll continue the next blog with the outdoor areas.  The best is yet to come!  :) 


Gail Jackson said…
Oh my Janet soon you will make it home to you I am sure home is where your heart is and the ministry there will help you settle in prayers for contentment
Janet said…
Thanks Gail! It is an adventure and one we are certainly blessed to have! Prayers are always appreciated.

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