La Maison - Part Three

Finishing up the tour of La Maison du Cameroun, the grounds are certainly a nice bonus.  

The garden will be especially nice especially if I just remember to put on mosquito repellant every time I go out.   This is the view from inside the house. 

The path leads from the house to the pool. 

The lights shine with different colors at night.  
So far, we've seen red, green and blue lights, which are really pretty.  

The cabana (gazebo) is a nice feature.  
However, it is currently overrun with a LARGE amount of termites and completely unusable.  
We hope to get it repaired at some point in the near future.  

The fence could use some help, but it seems to be working.  :)   

This is the view of the pool from the back porch.  
Closer up...

We have a pool guy that comes by a few times a week to clean and treat the pool.  
All the tiles are in fairly good shape, albeit dated.   
The pool should be nice for us to use, especially after the rainy season is over. 

 The tiles would benefit from some extra cleaning.  :) 

This is the view from our upstairs master bedroom.  
It would be a better picture without all the bars, but it's the best I have for now of the entire yard.  
We think it will be a beautiful oasis for us! 

Here's the view from the pool towards the house. 

Here's where Fletcher gets his weekly bath.  :) 

And for those of you who also live in a third world country, you will recognize that this is the MOST important piece of equipment for ANY home - The Generator!  

And least I forget, here's the laundry room.  Believe it or not, this is the CLEANED UP version since the first time I saw it a week or so ago.  It still has a LONG way to go - and we are working on it.   The wall to the left is covered in mold and damaged at the floor (termites along with wood rot). 

I doubt that the screen has ever been cleaned.  I think we might need to replace the netting.  

All in all,  the house definitely needs some TLC, but petit a petit, we'll get some of it done.  
The updates will be minor since this is a rental house, but I do think 
we can upgrade a little bit to make it more comfortable during our time in Douala.   I feel we are very fortunate to have this particular home and we are looking forward to making it our own.  

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