Today, Today OR Tomorrow, tomorrow?

9:48 am - Wednesday, May 18th
Dear Sir,
Top of the day to you!  We r pleased to inform you that we are at the final stage of clearance and are planning on loading your shipment out of the port today.    Kindly confirm if you will be available to receive today your shipment and also confirm your delivery address.  We will appreciate a response from you very soon.   Thank you and best regards.

10:05am, Wed. May 18th
Dear Sir,  
We would welcome our shipment to come today.  Could you please advise an approximate time of delivery, so that we will be ready?   Our address is ......
 Thank you, 
11:20 am, Wed. May 18th
Hello Ma,
Your mail is well received with thanks.  We are looking at loading out around 4pm depending on port activities.  Hope this is fine.  Your shipment will arrive today
Best regards.

It's now 11:30 pm and there is no sign of our shipment.  Based on our experiences so far, I knew that our chances were slim that our personal effects would actually be here today, today.  In Nigeria, 'now, now' means RIGHT now, so we are hoping that our container comes tomorrow, tomorrow! 
After loading our goods from Texas in February, we are thrilled that our things are right around the corner.  Receiving our container is a VERY BIG deal, so I want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.   In anticipation this afternoon, I checked with the front security gate to make sure our items will clear easily.  I know that a fee is always involved and determined that we need to pay a  N10,000  "TOLL"  just to get into the entrance.  We tried to negotiate with "da boyz' but they have it written down on a piece of paper for our sized container, so that makes it official.   :)  
I have everyone in place ready to man their stations for tomorrow.  Mutiu (our driver) will be managing the movers....David (jack of all trades) will be standing with our shipment on the street assuring that all boxes which LEAVE the back of the container actually ARRIVE at the elevator - 50 feet away.   I'll be in front of the elevator upstairs (which is beside our front door) checking off box numbers from the master list and Gabriel (our steward) will be watching the movers like a hawk inside our flat. (FYI - My sweet husband will be relaxing on the golf course during this time playing in a 'company' tournament!)   I am prepared with "Dash" money (tips) in the correct denominations and extra naira for the random people who typically show up to carry a box and receive a tip.   I have placed Mutiu in charge of all dashes, so the movers have to impress HIM in order to get paid.   We've spoken to security at two of the three gates and Mutiu will talk to the guards in front of our flat in the morning. I bet most people don't have to go through THIS routine to move - but it is a bit of excitement for us!    I hear that the entire neighborhood enjoys this process too - looking at our things, salvaging the paper/boxes and waiting for whatever is left over!!   

The moving company will only unpack the furniture items, which will be the first time in years that I will unpack my own boxes.  It is my choice due to the theft potential, but I am looking forward to it!!    
We'll also arrange an additional truck for Monday (more dash $$) to return the furniture that we borrowed temporarily.  I wonder if the truck has to pay 'da boyz' to leave the compound?   It may be chaotic for a few days, but it is a very welcomed mess for us to have!   
We are praying that our furniture arrives undamaged, the food products are not crushed or spilled and that ALL boxes arrive together at the correct destination!        

Until tomorrow, tomorrow...



David said…
Yay!!!! And wow!! Hope it all goes well!!
They thought getting Bin Laden was a complicated operation.....they have nothing on your logistics planning!
Have you named this mission? Operation Domicile or something? LOL
Randall said…
Too Funny, Good LUCK.... Tell them you will make them a quilt and have it for them tomorrow, tomorrow. Just delivery my Stuff, Stuff.
Janet said…
Love the Operation Domicile! I may use that one on the next blog post! Thanks!

The moving truck had a flat on the way in this morning and it is currently sitting on the side of the road. All stations are manned, lists are ready and we are waiting in anticipation......

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