Rice Paper Art

I love the personality of these 'kissing' giraffes created on rice paper.  
The artist is the husband of the lady who does the string art shown in an earlier post - so they are a pretty talented/resourceful family.  I was surprised when I attended a bazaar last week to hear my name shouted across the room by the artist.  I guess when you buy
three seperate items on three seperate occasions, she gets to know you quickly. 
 I got a big hug too, so I am making 'friends' easily!!          

 I also discovered a wonderful frame shop called,AFA (African Foundation of the Arts) in Lagos and took my string art and this print in for framing.  I had a total of 8 choices for mats - one shade of each major color, and a reasonable selection of frames.   You should have seen all the "help" I received from the workers of the shop, wanting my prints to be more colorful and bright!  It was a fun experience just making the decisions! 
However, the finished pieces turned out great!  
 I think we are going to definately need an "Africa" room when we get home!  :)


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