Capitol Impressions

We began our day in Washington, DC with a tour of the White House, arranged by our congressman, Kevin Brady. The tour was brief, yet we were able to view the red, blue and green "sitting" rooms, the ballroom and the reception areas.

We also saw the state dining room, which can seat up to 140 people as needed or covert to a smaller dining area. All of the rooms are beautifully and regally decorated in period furniture.

Between arranged tours, we were thankful to gain entrance to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing after only a 30 minute wait. We saw the printing processes that go into the many layers of ink on our bills to prevent counterfeiting. I was most intrigued with the case pictured of 1 million dollars - in ten dollar bills. I've always wondered what a million dollars actually looks like, and it makes a pretty large stack of green!!
In the afternoon, we had arranged a visit to the Capitol. We met with an intern from Kevin Brady's office, who guided us on a personal tour of the capitol buildings, going right through the tunnel system in the same path as the legislators walk. We enjoyed seeing the great rotunda as well as the galleries filled with impressive statues and magnificent art.
This was supposed to be the exact middle of the capitol building, but they later found that it was mis-measured! However, it is considered lucky to rub your foot in the middle and it is worn down quite a few inches from so many doing so. We couldn't resist, so we hope for good luck and blessings for ourselves and for our great country!

This was taken in the Old Senate Chambers. The main reason it is used today is to take pictures when someone is sworn in or signing documents.

We left the Capitol and visited the impressive Library of Congress. This has to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Washington D.C. We especially enjoyed Thomas Jefferson's library with its amazing array of books, mainly from his own personal collection.

This picture was taken in front of the Congress Building. The media was busy filming statements in front of it and we agree that it makes an impressive backdrop!

After a good day, we decided to drive to Annapolis for dinner. We had wonderful seafood at the Chart House at the harbor and we did a quick drive by the U.S. Naval Academy. Overall, our initial impressions of Washington DC were a bit dampened by the elections, but we feel priviledged to live in such a great country with liberty and justice for all.......


Randall said…
If you have not left Washington yet please bring us back some Golden Watermelons, free of charge, the rich will pay for them. We can hand them out in honor of our new President that desires to remove our freedoms and raise our taxes to care for the non working class.

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