By the sea...

Newport, Rhode Island is a quaint seaboard town, with old world charm and America's Cup in its history. The morning spent walking around town was wonderful and we were able to see the beauty of the area firsthand. We even located a boat named Janet in the harbor!

About an hour or so from Newport, RI is Mystic, Connecticut (think Mystic Pizza from the Movies) - another interesting little town. Mystic Seaport is located within the town limits and is called "The Museum of America and the Sea". The museum is notable both for its collection of sailing ships and boats, and for the re-creation of crafts and fabric of an entire 19th century seafaring village. It consists of more than 60 original historic buildings, most of them rare commercial structures moved to the 37 acre site and meticulously restored. The day was sunny and perfect for exploring this living history museum.

After Connecticut, we drove through New York and into New Jersey for one of the highlights of our day. We had dinner at the home of Dr. Vincent Bonagura and his mother, who prepared a delicious meal. Vinny and his mom are Italian from New York and they REALLY know how to cook!! :) We were treated to homemade Zita pasta, lamb, asparagus and shrimp, then concluded our meal with incredible canolis!! YUM! We work with Vinny on the Order of St John and it was great to visit with him during our travels!


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