Ghana - Street Views

As we traveled through the streets of Ghana, we saw typical views similar 
to Nigeria, Cameroon and other locations in West/Central Africa.   In fact, many of the pictures below are much like what we see every single day.  

In this part of the world, dirt roads are prevalent, except for the main city roads.    
Vendors sell their wares in local markets by the side of the streets. 

These are large yams - which are nothing like our sweet potatoes.   The yams are more starchy, similar to cassava.  The smoked and dried fish in the tray above are artfully arranged.  
It is easy to buy food here without getting out of the car.  TVs are obviously available too.  
In the hot, crowded streets, vendors come right up to our cars.  
They wear aprons to hold their money (and their cell phones).  
I am always amazed at how strong their necks must be.  
Children start working young to help out their families.  

I think it is incredible how well they balance things.  I have never seen a single tray drop off of any one's head.  However, if you look closely, they (almost) all have a rolled up rag on their head which does help with the balance.  I know this because I tried it.  I also know that I would last about 3 minutes before everything I was selling was rolling along the road.  
Hands and heads are full of things to sell.  

Fuzzy Dice, flags and bright colored items for your dashboards are plentiful.  

Most of the bread is baked daily and the pineapples here are so sweet.  

Occasionally multiple vendors will crowd the vehicles.  

This picture is blurry, but it shows the nonchalant way that the vendors stand 
and talk without worrying about the load they are carrying.  

Lots of jewelry options are available.  
Anyone need a tire or floor mat?  

I love the USA flag shirt (and orange pants)!    A fire is burning inside the white pail (on top of the tire) and a grill rack has been set on top to cook plantains.  Invention is the mother of necessity.  

MANY of the businesses reflect the religious beliefs of the owners.   About 75% of Ghana is Christian, with the remainder comprising of 17% Muslim, 5% traditionalist (tribal religion) and 3% other (or none).    Messiah Enterprises sells hardware.

This was one of my favorite store names.  Essgrace (His Grace) sells both wholesale and retail goods.  

 I really do love these signs - and the reminder of scripture, which are found in so many places.  
This one says, "The joy of the Lord is my Strength".  

 Sometimes, the store names reflect the wishes of the owners too.   
This one is a classic - "Get Rich Internet Cafe".      
Can anyone say 419??  

 Fresh Coconuts at this drive-by road stand. 

 Get your loaves and fishes here! 

 Eggs heating in the sun are abundant.  Eggs are rarely refrigerated in Africa (until they arrive at OUR house where they are cleaned, sanitized and refrigerated).   The white packets on the table are small rice bags.
 The Blood of Jesus Hardware store is above and they appear to have a good supply of tools.  

And the Blood of Jesus Sewing Centre has an impressive paint job. 

 Local fruits and vegetables are easy to locate.  

 Here is the "Jesus is Mine" vendor stand.  I am not sure what they are selling in the blue bags.

 In this area, they had their names painted over the top of the stand.  
There were about 30 of these lining the roads.  
"God's Power" sells gasoline.   There does seem to be some irony in that statement!  
The cute little boy was just playing alone with no adult in sight.  

 Fresh chickens are available here.  You might have to catch it first! 

Blackie's Enterprise sells shoes, belts and animal skins as well as some other unidentifiable items.   The man is dressed in a typical Ghanaian style - along with his basketball shorts. :) 

More animal skins are for sale at the side of the road right beside the insecticide sign.

And the last picture was taken back at our hotel in Ghana.   I was intrigued by these drums sitting in the middle of the hallway.    They even had good sound quality and I am sure that the other hotel guests appreciated our rhythm.  :) 


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