Shopping in Mamilla

Our last afternoon in Israel offered our first free time to explore.   
We went with the group to Mamilla Avenue which is right 
outside the old city west of the Jaffa gate.   
 In 2007, the Israeli government approved an urban renewal project creating the Mamilla Mall.   
The shopping area is a $150 million dollar, pedestrian-only outdoor shopping area touted as a luxury destination in the style of Rodeo Drive in LA.  International names such as Rolex, Polo, Nautica are all found here along with restaurants and an IMAX theatre.

The stones here compose one side of a historic building which was dismantled from a nearby location and rebuilt within the mall.  In keeping with the municipal law of building in Jerusalem, the original stones were numbered, taken apart and then put back up.  
Mother and I had a relaxing lunch in a small cafe.  
We enjoyed wandering into the stores and viewing the outdoor art. 
 It was a wonderful end to our time in Israel.  
After time to pack and rest, then dinner in the hotel, we were taken to the airport in Tel Aviv.  Since our flight didn't leave till the following morning, we took a taxi to our hotel with a very early wake up call.  We enjoyed our trip and have great memories of our time together in Israel.  We both want to come back soon! 


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