Shoe Bags with Love from Africa!

Merry Christmas from West Africa! 

We are privileged to have a wonderful steward who helps in our house in Lagos by cleaning and cooking. 
This is a picture of Gabriel and his family taken recently at their church. 
(Pictured left to right - Marie, Mary, Gabriel, Maureen, Marta, Margaret, Martin) 

Gabriel lives with us Monday - Friday and spends weekends at home with his family.  He works in his church teaching marriage seminars and is responsible for all pre-marital counseling which he does most of the day every Saturday.  

The family works together to provide schooling and clothes for Maureen (age 7),  which is Margaret's daughter.  In order to support their efforts, the SHOE BAG PROJECT was begun.   This project is designed for Margaret (a single mom) to have a sustainable way to support her daughter through Secondary School.   The material is purchased at the market, and Margaret is paid per bag for her labor for immediate income.  ALL profits (100%+) go into a savings account designed to pay for school expenses.  Tuition is paid three times a year which has been a challenge in the past.  The family has a lot of pride and they have been THRILLED to be able to provide through this business.  They think that the shoe bags have already earned a FORTUNE - and they feel that God is really blessing them through this enterprise.  They are not looking for a hand-out, but a hand-up.    

The bags come in three sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes.  The shoe bags measure 11x16 roughly and are FABULOUS to carry shoes for all sizes in your suitcase.  They fit women's heels as well as large men's shoes AND are roomy for other gifts too.  The top has a drawstring and they are washable as well.   The bags are 3 for $15.  The shipping is FREE and will be mailed out this week from Texas in plenty of time for Christmas! 

The wine bags are approximately 7 1/2 x 15 1/2.  In addition to a great way to present a wine bottle, they also hold women's sandals/flats and a variety of gifts.  The price is 3 for $12. 
The small gift bag is approx. 6 1/2x 9 1/2.  It's perfect for small little items and only $3 per bag! 
 Everyone needs a few of these!   

If you are interested in purchasing bags to support this family, please let me know by emailing me at  Send your address along with your order and the bags will be mailed the following day.   You can send a check to me at our Texas address, which i will forward when orders are placed.   

Thank you for considering these bags for Christmas.  Not only will you have a fun way to wrap a gift, but it keeps on giving through additional uses - AND changes the life of a family in Africa.  

Merry Christmas!  

 Shoe Bag Fabric 

Purple Shoes 
Coral Shoes 

Orange Ghana Shoe Bags 
Victorian Shoes 

**More fabrics available 

Wine Bags   

Red Sparkly Swirls Wine 
Blue Elephant Wine 
Birds and Elephant Wine 
Only one left!  

Brown and Mustard Graphic Wine 
Only one left!
***More fabrics available  

Gift Bags 

 Only 4 left!  (2 green sparkles, One blue, one red and green swirl)   

Thanks for your support!


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