After about 9 months of working, my very first quilt is FINISHED!!   
It's a  M I R a C L E !  
The quilt is called "Steps to Freedom" and I like the colorful patterns.  Many of the ladies here have completed the same one, but they all turn out so differently.  Each fabric was only repeated once, so there are over 100 different African fabrics included. 

The quilt was designed to reflect a rainbow of colors going from purples/blues at the top to the oranges and browns at the bottom.  I like the way it looks in our den draped over our leather couch too. 

What I really love about this quilt is that it was a combination of scraps from all my Lagos quilting friends.  When I look at it, I see Juli's skirt, Lindy's curtains, Donna's dress and our trips to Balogun and Abeokuta to buy fabrics.  I also see the time and effort of teaching friends along with help from Marilyn on the quilting, Juli and Kristiann on the binding and Kristiann on the design.  Eileen's patient help along with Arlene's advice, Jan's inspiration and so many, many more.  

And Juli even made me a label 
(which also works as a disclaimer for my mistakes - since it IS my first quilt!)  

But mistakes and all, I am really pleased with the way that it turned out.  The quilt will always be a precious treasure with great memories of our African adventure!  

And dare I say.....Quilt number 2 is already in progress!!  :) 


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