Sail Around the World 2011

"Sail Around the World" is an annual event put on by the Lagos Yacht Club.  
Many countries participate, including the "Republic of Texas!"  
(Rep. of Tejas) 

Arthur, Adrian, Chris, Charles and Coleman sponsored the BBQ for a real (yum) Texas meal.  
Chris and Valerie smoked brisket, prepared beans and served it with pita bread.      
We think it was the best meal offered!!!
Can you see the backdrop of the Alamo?  

About 20 countries participated in giving out their national food and drink.
We had haggis from Scotland and the best chocolate balls from Israel.
Lebanon had wonderful lamb souvaki with hummus.  

Some countries were even created for the event.
The Hobie Nation is a group of Hobie Cat Sailors and they had the BEST booth,
decorated like a sailboat.  They even brought in the sand.  

The Mexico booth was sponsored by Bottles Mexican Restaurant.  
Love the guy in the sombrero dancing while he serves!  

Maersk sponsored the Danish booth.
They had authentic Danish hotdogs 
along with the typical condiments.    

I liked the grass weaving on the Mauritius Island booth.   

And the many colors of the Mauritius flag were so pretty in the wind.  

This was the Nigerian booth, with jollof rice and chicken along with yams and beans.

Ni-ke' let me help pound the yams!  :)  This is MUCH harder than it looks! 

The Ibero-American booth represented all the countries which speak Spanish and Portugese.  
Mainly the IA consists of countries in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe, but Equitorial Guinea in Africa is also represented as a Portugese speaking nation.

The United States booth served mini hamburgers - which were great! 

Over 1,000 people attended, mostly expats.  
The event was held where we normally park the sailboats, right by the launching area.  
When the tide is high, water splashes up the ramp into the lot, so as the evening progressed, 
the water added an interesting dimension.

 These ladies came to represent Jack Daniels!  
As the hour became later, 'other' ladies were able to 'dash' the guards and join the party too!
(AKA - night fighters, mosquitos, hoochie mamas, etc..)  
I have learned SO much!

It was a beautiful evening - just perfect for outside dining.  

The band was fabulous with a great night view of the harbor.  
We left about 11:30.....but the party continued MUCH later!  

Overall, it was a fun time with friends, 
enjoying the wonderful fall weather outdoors in Lagos!   


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