Good gravy!

As I've mentioned before, Gabriel is a very good cook and I really appreciate his culinary skills.  However, the other day, I had reason to question....

Charles was attending a business function, so I ate alone.  Gabriel made lean filet medallions, seasoned carrots, green beans, french fries and a wonderful salad.  He also put gravy for the medallions in a small ramekin.  The gravy was the best I had ever had with a mustardy flavor, so I kept adding it to the filet and ended up eating the ENTIRE ramekin.   I asked Gabriel how to prepare the gravy since it was so good.  His reply...."Dijon Mustard, garlic, salt, pepper and the french fry gravy."   "WHAT??  You used the GRAVY from the French Fries?????"    "Yes, Madam."   The thought of leftover grease flavored with mustard and garlic ruined what I thought had been a great meal!!  See what I get for asking questions?  

I did request that we NEVER have that great-tasting gravy ever again!!  Ugh!! 


Randall said…
Sounds a lot better than bacon grease which our Grandparents used for gravy.

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