Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!

Our small group at church decided to celebrate New Year's Eve together - Texas style at the Tin Hall!  It was the perfect mix - good friends, great dinner, casual clothing, rustic environment and "Boot-Scooting" on the dance floor!  Charles was on a ship in the Gulf for New Year's, so he missed out on the fun.   We did have a bit of unexpected excitement after dinner with some HOT entertainment.  

The Tin Hall is Texas' oldest reception hall located in Cypress, TX - about 45 minutes away from our home.  The reception hall is only open on holidays and this was their 122nd New Year’s Eve Party.  As a highlight, they offered fireworks in the field next to the parking lot midway through the evening.  As we gathered to watch the spectacular show, we noticed a small grass fire right before the finale.  The flame quickly grew out of control and spread, requiring the local fire department to be dispatched.  It was extinguished with no additional damage, but it made for an exciting evening.  In the picture above, it was so fitting to have the cowboy's silhouette in the forefront!   

We returned inside to a live band and  C&W dancing.  Andy was a great sport and took turns dancing with all of us.  He and Gail were so fun to watch since he used to be a dance instructor!!  We enjoyed dancing the polka, learning new line dances, swinging with the Texas two step and doing the Cotton-eyed Joe together.  

At midnight, we had noise makers and  fun hats! :)  Our evening was spent with such fun and laughter!     We would love to make this an annual event on home leave.  I'm sure we'll be ready for a true Texas fix!  

Hope your New Year is filled with happiness 
and may God bless you and your families richly in 2011.     


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