Merry, Merry....

Merry Merry Christmas!  
This year our picture was MUCH less planned!  We decided efficiency was more important than perfection, so we took pictures around the house.  I received a large Nutcracker a few years ago and we keep it in the entrance hall at Christmas.  It's one of my favorite decorations.  In fact, nutcrackers can be found ALL over our house - with over 50 of them (and counting).  We agreed on the picture above for our annual card, but Chad really preferred the one below. 
This picture was taken in our "Game" room.  The original game was pool - but we've added a different type of game recently to the decor.  The large deer in the middle was a 400+ lb red stag and it was Chad's first trophy - now decorated for Christmas, with a wreath around its neck.  Charles shot the Axis (250lbs+) and also the White Tail (in velvet).   We have been well supplied with venison this year!  If anyone had told me years ago that we'll have mounts on our wall, I would never have believed it!!  Of course, I wouldn't have believed that our media room would have a COW HIDE and iron Texas stars on the wall either!!  Never say never.... 

Chad also puts the topper on the Christmas tree every year.  And...every year, he says its the LAST time to use it.  He made the Christmas Angel out of a paper plate when he was THREE, but I've just not been able to replace it.   After 20 years, it's probably time to move on!   
We enjoyed time together - just the four of us - before our trek to see family in Tennessee over the holidays.  The boys exchanged gifts and we enjoyed having the evening just to ourselves.  It is truly a great gift just to have the boys at home.  I miss our lazy casual times "all - agether"! 

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  Merry on!  


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