Ishahayi Beach School

  "Now, climb into our boat, and we'll escort you up Five Cowrie Creek and out to Ishahayi Beach - secluded, quiet, beautiful and incredibly poor.  It is a weekday, so we watch villagers cast enormous fishing nets, then work together to haul them back into shore.  In this primitive but time-honoured way, their catch for the day will be the village's sole source of income...."

What a privilege to work with the Ishahayi Beach School foundation on projects!  The foundation has worked to provide a school building for this poor community with 5 classrooms and a small library.  The school now has a well with clean drinking water and running water for showers.  They have a generator for electricity and our funding provides ongoing basic school supplies, donations for teachers, uniforms for the students and perpetual maintenance.   We also help with the curriculum, books for the library and recurring needs through monthly visits and support.   Our goal for the future includes working with other poor schools which do not receive support from the Nigerian government.    

We obtain funds to support the schools through the following means:  

1)      Book Sales – Nigerian Gems - $18 US suggested donation (plus $5 mailing costs)

2)      Small Chop recipe book Sales - $18 US suggested donation (plus $5 mailing costs)

3)      Donations   Cash (or credit card donation through secure site) can be given to purchase school supplies locally.   

4)      Donations for specific needs of the school.  At this time, we are trying to build a roof for the teachers housing and cash (or credit card) can be designated into special accounts.

5)      Local auctions and other events.    

6)      In-kind donations – Please contact us for details. 
School Kitchen
To buy Nigerian Gems (Expatriate Tales of Adventure) or Small Chops Cookbook, just send me an email and we’ll arrange the transaction securely.
See more information about the school at

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