About Us

About Us
Family together time is precious – especially when we are spread out a bit.  Living life on two different continents has its challenges, but we do love being 'all together' as much as possible.    Together we are stronger and better than individually.  We are so fortunate to have a great background of extended family, which has given us a wonderful legacy of love, acceptance, fun and laughter.  
Let me introduce you…..
Janet  (Mom)
Loves coffee, chocolate, all her boys, adventure, travel, a good book, the Bible, friends, family, Tennessee and Texas.   Learning how to quilt and to see life through new eyes in a foreign land.   Usually sees the glass half full and tries hard to make lemonade often.   Loves the Lord with all her heart and feels blessed beyond measure!

Charles  (Dad)
Golf, golf and more golf….hunting and a good book on his kindle.   Loves his boys and his momma – along with the rest of our family.   He’s a southern boy at heart with a gypsy spirit – and loves him a bit of adventure.  Though at the end of the day, he just wants to be at home – wherever that may be!   

Graduated from Baylor University in August 2011 with an international studies degree.   Needs variety and lots of it – gets bored easily.  Enjoys all things International, sky diving, volleyball, running, rugby, soccer, track, football, golf, biking, camping and every kind of sport.  Outdoorsy and rugged with a good heart for others.    Likes to travel and seeks adventure (see a pattern here?).  Wants the extra in life – not the mundane and has a great head on his shoulders.   Loves his country, God and his family…

Graduated from Baylor University in August 2013.  Played Div I baseball, football, and track and is definitely a jock!  Josh started his career with a financial services company outside of Houston and does lots of studying (more now than in college!)  Great attitude (most days) and has a fierce determination with a “go get ‘em” spirit.   This boy’s a Texan through and through!   He enjoys having fun and spending time with friends.   Loves God, his family and especially his brother.


*“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  A cord of three (or four) strands is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, 12b)

**Great is the Lord and worthy of praise… one generation will commend His works to another; they will tell of His mighty acts. Psalm 145:3a,4


Sweet family memories of: vTender Tennessee Christmases vDonuts vBrunch at The Egg and I vReunion Rummy vLondon vBlueberry muffins vPappadeaux, vChurch all ‘agether vWaffles vTime in the Caribbean vgrilling out vcruising v Prom vtravel vsummer with family (Nana/Papaw/Grandma/Grandpa, aunts, uncles & cousins), vTouring vfamily reunions vfootball, vgolfing vbasketball vCici’s pizza and Double Dave’s vGoing to the park vTexas Mums & garters vweekend travel to ballgames and tournaments vCopenhagen vOutback Steakhouse vsoccer  vFamily Time  vCar trips to Tennessee vbonfires vrugby vhomecoming vBaseball vschool fun vmoving vsailing vmotorcycles vbrownies with ice cream vexploring vtubing in Belize  vriding on the golf cart  vNew York  vIguanas in Honduras  vExploring Europe vUncle Bizzert  vCracker Barrel vgraduations  v Carabbas vRodeo  vTaste of Texas vTWCA vBaylor vscrapbooking vswimming vlearning Spanish vDallas   vHouston  vWaco        vSan Juan vMexico City….and so much more. 

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